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It will have the same features as listed below. 

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The Boss Story

The journey began when we asked 100’s of American riders what they wanted in a premium motorcycle platform lift. 

We were blown-away with the response. It was clear you wanted something better. 

So, we took all the kick-ass feedback to the drawing board, and designed a high-end motorcycle platform lift to be proud of. So, here’s what you wanted………

The Boss Motorcycle Platform Lift…
The Premium Platform Lift That The Bike World Asked For!


“No Wobble” Design


Roll on and walk away
Suits all wheel sizes


Lifts to 47” saving your back
Lowers to 7.5” making it easy to load your bike


2000 lbs lifting capacity! to easily handle big bikes and ATVs


Hand controls – No manual pumping 
Tool tray for parts and tool storage
Drop down front & rear panels 
Castor wheels 
…….and loads more

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"It needs to handle the weight of my bike and I don't want it rockin' around"

Boss is made to carry heavy bikes, up to 2000 pounds

Monster hydraulic motor and ram to lift the heaviest of bikes

High quality steel

Multiple locking points to safely rest the lift in position

Automatic safety lock so the platform won’t drop if anything fails

Tie-down points and ratchet straps supplied for your peace of mind

Ultra thick steel used on the table top so you know it can take a pounding!

It has a heavy dry weight so it ain’t gonna rock around when your bikes in the air


2000 lbs lifting capacity that easily handle big bikes and ATVs.


“No Wobble” Design.

"It needs a decent wheel chock"

The Boss lift comes with a CONDOR CHOCK that accommodates wheels from 14” to 22” and 80mm to 230mm, or simply add-on the optional adapters for custom wheels:

  • Chopper chock for taller tires up to 40”
  • Ultra-wide cradle kit for tires 230mm – 360mm
  • Cradle to suit low front fenders (available for 90mm – 150mm tires)

"I want it to lift high so I can work on the bottom of the bike easily and save my back"

The Boss lift lifts higher & rests lower:

  • Raises to an awesome 47" making it the best working height available on the market. You don’t need to be rolling around on the floor
  • Drops to only 7.5” so that you can load your bike on with ease


Lifts to 47” saving your back 
Lowers to 7.5” making it easy to load your bike

"It's got to be easy to use"

  • Push button hand control (no manual pumping) Electric Hydraulic operation – no shop-air required
  • The Boss can be moved around if you need to. Just hook the handle under the front and tilt the lift up onto its caster wheels. Simple!

"It needs a drop out panel to remove wheels"

Front AND Rear drop down panels for easy removal of wheels.

"A place to put my tools and small parts"

The BOSS lift has a full length tool valley along the edge of the platform

"What about a center jack and somewhere to dump oil"

  • Optional manual scissor jack available
  • Optional slim line oil drain pan available

Choppers, Trikes and ATV's....no problem.

If 30” wide and 87” long ain’t enough for your ride, add on Boss’s high grade optional extensions:

  • Front end extension – lengthens the top platform to 107”
  • Side extensions – to widen the lift to 50” to suit your trike or ATV

Your MAN CAVE deserves a great looking lift

  • The Boss Platform Lift is designed to look awesome!
  • Boss’s double black gloss powder coat for the ultimate premium finish
  • All black design with subtle chrome highlights in the Boss Brand Plate and Hydraulic Ram


  • Electric/hydraulic operation (no air required)
  • Hand control to operate the lift
  • 110v power
  • 2,000 lbs lifting capacity!
  • Table size 87” x 30”
  • Minimum height of 7.5”
  • Maximum lifting height of 47”
  • Drop down front AND rear panels to remove wheels
  • Condor wheel chock INCLUDED
  • Automatic safety lock
  • Tie-down points and quality ratchet straps INCLUDED
  • Separate pump stand so the motor is out of the way
  • Moving kit INCLUDED to relocate the lift
  • Tool tray valley along the full length of the lift


  • ATV side extensions (increases width to 50”)
  • Front extension panel (increases length to 107”)
  • Condor wheel chock adapters:
  • Ultra-wide cradle Kit (230mm to 360mm)
  • Chopper chock for tires up to 40”
  • Low fender cradle (suits 90mm to 150mm tires)
  • Manual scissor jack
  • 15 Quart slim-line oil drain pan


  • Choose the lift, select the options and accessories and complete your order.
  • The lift will be shipped directly to your location
  • Lift gate service available if you don’t have a forklift on site
  • We will keep in touch with you throughout the full process
  • Contact us anytime with questions or if you need support

NOTE: This lift is solid, it has a heavy dry weight of 770 lbs so you will need some help to remove it from it’s premium packaging and complete some basic assembly work. 

BOSS Platform Lift

Product Code: BOSSLIFT

Price: $1,950

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